Jamaica, no problem

It’s always so much fun to be spontaneous, just go with the flow, be able to surprise yourself and take an opportunity that somehow presents itself right there, right in front of you. Well maybe it’s not just like that, but you know what I mean…


After a Sunday off, spent walking around, enjoying the sunny laid back day with my boyfriend, we started chatting on how summer was ending and how great it would be to do a road trip. We went on daydreaming and making all these fabulous plans on where to go, how many days we could take off, etc… only to realize that we didn’t have that much time to drive down from Vancouver to California and came back, but instead it would be pretty amazing to enjoy 10 days at a nice, warm, beach place we hadn’t been before. So, just like that, we said, Jamaica “no problem”…




The end of one season means the beginning of another

Although the weather is still rather nice here in Vancouver, we all know it, it’s time to say…Good-Bye to Summer! but, it’s also time to say hello to the many fun things that Fall-Winter have to offer, like: oh yeah! a new season, therefore a new collection of luscious clothing (that’s how I personally see it, I DO LOVE WINTER CLOTHING, even though I’m not very good dealing with the cold weather part of it).

Of course, there’s fashion week right around the corner, which is fun, inspiring and oh so exciting! So, let’s all enjoy it and keep an eye to what’s going on out there (I’m sure you’ll love it, one way or another).



Welcome to the new site!

We are super excited to introduce our new website and invite you to discover our Fall Winter 13/14 collection.

There’s some really great new things to visit, like an online shop for you to enjoy (which will be available soon)! and yes, we are adding a blog, so we can stay in touch more often.

We invite you to have a peek!

picture blog

With love,