Discover S o f i a FW16 FELEN at VFW


We invite you to discover Sofia FW16 FELEN at Vancouver Fashion Week. March 15th at 5:15pm / Chinese Cultural Centre. Come and join us!

“We are thrilled to unveil FELEN at VFW this season; a collection very special to us, created in a moment of awakening and new beginnings. FELEN means “to be this way” in mapudungun, the language from the chilean natives, mapuche. We picture a blue night, with lots of stars and a cool breeze. We are in the city, walking through narrow streets of cobblestone, with an atmosphere of freshness and joy. We are searching for freedom, with a strong walk, open to find all the possibilities that are waiting ahead for us. We are working with with fabulous very strong, defining fabrics, from stunning indigenous aguayos to alpaca wool or vegan leather and shearling or the lightness of chiffon and the luxury of velvet. We are taking the S o f i a woman in a different journey, an exploratory journey”

Music by Guerra.

Photo credit: Photographer, Miguel Paulo. Model, Sofia– Jager Models. MUA, Mika Ishizaki